Welcome to Prasun

About Us

Founded in 1990, Prasun Developers is a luxury housing industry veteran. With operations spanning across Delhi NCR and Gurgram for over three decades, Prasun has completed over 100 projects, bringing satisfaction to thousands of clients. The team of elite builders and engineers at Prasun are guided by a common belief and passion; to modernize the architecture of India while retaining its ethnic beauty and cultural heritage. We aim not to harm the environment, but to work together with it while building edifices that complement its beauty and stand out at the same time.

  • Vision:
    We aim to modernize the architectural landscape of India by making the dream homes of many a reality.
  • Mission:
    The goal of Prasun is to achieve client satisfaction and deliver aesthetically pleasing homes.

Through a sense of aesthetic and strong dedication, Prasun Developers has become a renowned name in the industry.